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We use the form for our (virtual) products and services. We manually create a personal username and password for each of our customers of the virtual courses, so that they can enter the platform and access the info digital products that we have there. Each of our customers must ensure to keep their username and password safe, which can not be transferred to third parties.

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All your personal data consigned in this site are provided by yourself, making full use of your freedom. The information stored here only includes basic data entered through contact forms, comments or other similar forms.

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The cookies used are only stored on your computer for statistical purposes, being omitted the data that could result in collection of important character.

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You are free to request to stop using the information provided or restrict the receipt of information, in either case, you can contact or use the contact form and request that your information is removed from the database; likewise if you yourself subscribed using the login link, there you can remove or cancel your account; also we remind you that the information provided on the Internet is not deleted immediately or in perpetuity, as many sites, robots and users have been able to collect information in which they could be your data.

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